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Aervoe Chrome Galvanized Paint 11.5 Oz (Case of 12) 143

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Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Chrome Galvanized provides superior corrosion-resistant coatings that act as both primer and top coat for iron, steel, and their welds. Both coatings repair hot-dip galvanizing that has been damaged by abrasion, scratching, cutting or welding. Contains 97% pure zinc metallic flake with 93% zinc in the dry film. Fast drying, exceptionally smooth flowing high solids formulation. Meets performance requirements of MIL-P-46105, and DOD-P-21035A. Meets ASTM B-117-64 salt spray; withstands up to 2000 hours of salt spray exposure. Passed Preece test for hot-dip galvanizing. Provides superior protection to ferrous metals that are exposed to highly corrosive environments. Performs at temperatures up to 400 F. Stops rust and corrosion on any steel or iron surface. Outstanding weld through primer. Can be used as primer or top coat. Zinc fuses to metal substrates for protection equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing. If surface is scratched or broken an electrochemical reaction called sacrificial anodization causes the zinc to sacrifice itself for the base metal?s protection. Acceptable as a coating in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for application to structural surfaces or any surface where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. Uses: Ideal for use on surfaces that are exposed to severe corrosive conditions, including structural steel, fencing, automobiles, guard rails, bridges, television towers, damaged galvanized surfaces, heat ducts, gutters, wrought iron, farm and mining equipment, pipelines, offshore equipment, transformers, power plant equipment, railroad equipment and corrugated metal buildings.
Aervoe Chrome Galvanized Paint 11.5 Oz (Case of 12) 143Aervoe Chrome Galvanized Paint 11.5 Oz (Case of 12) 143